Una artista de la cocina logra que sus preparaciones se conviertan en obras de arte

A veces, la inspiración artística suele provenir de caminos inesperados. Gracias a las redes, podemos disfrutar de obras de arte realizadas con materiales impensados, cuyos diseños desafían nuestra capacidad de asombro. La creatividad de los artistas nunca descansa, y estamos más que agradecidos de que así sea.

Queremos compartir con vos una selección de obras de una artista culinaria estadounidense que logra crear bellísimos platillos, los cuales están fuertemente inspirados en la naturaleza.


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    After creating my White Witch Cake to pay homage to what I expected Turkish Delight to taste like as a child, I was reminded that this wasn't my first time feeling disappointed by a treat that had been glorified in my mind since childhood. Ah, sugarplums. Those juicy, perfect, sugar-glistened delights! I pictured how they must taste for years before finally getting the chance to try a real, genuine sugarplum. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. This candy I had elevated to a magical experience in my rampant imagination tasted like… raisins. And alcohol. I was heartbroken. I like to think I’ve done my pre-pubescent visions of sugarplums justice in this gorgeous bread topped with confectionary plums. A naturally-purple pastry dough envelops a fragrant filling of spiced dried fruits and nuts, then is topped with mouthwateringly delicious sparkling sugarplum confections. I know we're past the Christmas season, but this bread is still a wonderful and magical creation to enjoy on a winter day! You can find it on my blog (link in profile - just search "sugarplum") I'm also really excited to announce that I'm finally well enough to start working on new recipes as well, and I have a couple of really fun ones to share soon! Have a great Saturday! . ✨✨✨ . #sugarplum #sugarplumfairy #sugarplumbread #breadart #creativebread #creativebakes #breadart #thewondersmith #misswondersmith #kingarthurflour #wildfoodlove #foraged #currants #sugarplums #nostalgia #magicofnostalgia #bakingmagic #magicbaking #gbboinspired

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